Executive/Leadership Coaching


Do you want to close the gap from where you are today to where you want to be in the future?

Our one on one coaching challenges leaders to look at themselves, develop stronger self-awareness, and transform their awareness into results for the organization.  

Together we establish a three-way partnership between the executive, the coach, and the organization, that links the leader’s goals to the organization’s objectives. Leveraging the executive’s strengths, coaching sessions usually include developing leadership capacity, being a sounding board for immediate problem solving, and developing new awareness and habits of self-reflection. 

Coaching tools include:
• Specialized Conversation: Provides feedback and insightful questions to increase awareness,reinforce progress and identify new solutions
• Visualization: Allows the executive to clearly imagine the desired future
• Role playing: Allows the executive to practice new skills or ways of being
• Live observation and Feedback: Provides the executive with objective feedback from an actual work situation.
• Psychological assessment and 360º feedback:  Increases self awareness and opens up new possibilities for being
• Between session work allows the executive to try out new ideas

We will facilitate an initial “discovery” process generally followed by biweekly 60 minute sessions for 3-12 months and “real time” access via phone, text or email for coaching support between sessions. 

Team and Group Coaching

Team or Group Coaching Toronto

Are you forming a team  or do you simply want to improve your team’s effectiveness?

 Team or group coaching gives members of the group the opportunity to stretch beyond their current abilities. And by partnering with the team in the context of its everyday work challenges, Jane introduces new ideas and sees opportunities to improve team performance.

Coaching helps the team use its relationships, shared experiences, and interpersonal awareness in a way that supports the team’s goals.  

We have a proven road map for helping teams achieve high performance. We use powerful questioning and coaching skills to help the whole team explore and learn real time during coaching sessions. We provide assessments and real time coaching by helping the team notice team dynamics in team meetings. We help members become aware of their patterns and develop more effective ways of working together.   With our coaching, everyone learns to carry their own weight, value what others bring, stay focused on results..and have fun!


Jane Graydon MBA PCC leadership coach

 Do you need strategic HR Consulting or a high impact speaker?

Whether it's supporting your organization to implement a coaching culture or introducing a new talent framework, Jane has the proven experience.  

She customizes content to help your organization effectively make that important change. 

With first hand executive experience across different industries, Jane has the credibility to bring the vision for change to life.  Her caring, inspirational style immediately engages with her audience. 

Whether it's inspiring  individuals, building a team, or engaging an organization, Jane can help deliver the results you want.