Executive Coaching: What to Expect

Executive Coaching what to expect journal

What to Expect Together we will create a coaching relationship with a customized process to delive


What to Expect

Together we will create a coaching relationship with a customized process to deliver the results you want.

Phase 1: Orientation and Expectations

Since trust is the foundation of any coaching relationship, initially we will meet to get to know one another.

At this meeting we discuss how the coaching process works and each person’s role in that process, and confidentiality. We also discuss personal history, and the “why now” for coaching. I will develop a  feel for what’s important to you and begin to see the world through your eyes.

After the orientation you will decide if you are ready to move forward and an agreement will be sent for signature.

Phase 2: Coaching Objectives and Information Gathering

The objective of our coaching is to help you make the change you want.  In this phase I help you expand your awareness as to what you really want.  Understanding  what’s most important to you and why it is important to you is a critical step.

We focus on what you wish to change and the results you want to achieve. We look at specific areas you want to improve, and counterproductive behaviours that you want to stop doing.  Uncovering what is behind these counterproductive behaviours is a vital step in the process.  We focus on enhancing the competencies that have created your success in the past as a foundation for tranformational change.

Together we establish stretch SMART goals, and an action plan for the coaching process.   We might use a 360 instrument, conduct interviews with stakeholders (direct reports, boss, etc.) or use some other assessment during this phase.

Phase 3: Coaching Sessions

We will meet regularly, usually once every week or bi-weekly in person or on the phone or videoconference depending on your preferences. The sessions are supplemented by text, email, or phone support between sessions. I will help you increase your awareness and vastly expand your possibilities for going forward. We will monitor progress toward agreed-upon commitments and  find alternative ways of managing your challenging situations.

My main tool is listening and asking questions.  I help you become aware and make choices, tapping into your own internal and other resources and focusing. I provide observations and direct feedback.  I offer various methods like role play, visualizations, and other exercises to assist goal achievement.  I may also suggest or forward relevant information (e.g. videos, case studies, journal articles, and web resources) to assist your growth.

You are always left in action between sessions.  You may choose to be accountable to practice new behaviours, make new requests, have missing conversations, access new resources, conduct personal development activities, reflect on an inquiry (deep question), journal, complete an exercise, or just “notice”.  You remain responsible for making decisions and taking the steps necessary to produce the desired changes.

Phase 4: Monitoring Progress:

We assess progress, leveraging your  strengths and successes for even more progress. With your concurrence we may solicit input from relevant others, for observational updates of your behaviour, communication and leadership style.

Phase 5: Sustaining/Enhancing Progress

At the end of the coaching engagement we co-create a plan to ensure your successes are sustainable going forward and identify what is next. As part of this plan we schedule a check in a few months after the engagement and may measure progress again at that stage.