Experience You Can Count On


Results Coaching is an executive coaching practice that collaborates to deliver results.  Through customized one on one work, clients break through their barriers getting the results they really want.

Jane Graydon, is known for driving leadership success and business growth through developing leaders. Her extensive executive experience illustrates her ability to deliver organizational wins across the board.  Leveraging her MBA and International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach designation, Jane has coached many senior leaders to produce unprecedented results for their organizations and advance their careers. Jane uses evidence based  practices to build  leadership skills, confidence and presence, and a sense of fulfillment.  Jane brings to her clients, experiential learning expertise developed while teaching leadership at Simon Fraser University. Jane’s empathy and honesty cuts through the clutter to help leaders achieve their goals. She is an insightful professional with a history of introducing innovative ideas that help leaders grow and expand their organizations.

Jane has a track record of developing exceptional leaders.  Jane’s coaching experience crosses virtually every industry including technology, healthcare, financial services, education, and automotive. Jane tailors her approach to the leader’s needs, co-creating and developing personal and professional solutions and strategies. She works to ensure the solutions recommended produce measurable results.

Jane subscribes to the Ethical Guidelines of the International Coach Federation.

When not coaching Jane can be found having fun with her family, adventure travelling, volunteering, hanging out at the lake or hiking.





"Highest Recommendation"

 “Jane gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach. Her unique ability to help me recognize and understand my strengths and overcome barriers has been vital to my success.   Along the way there have been surprising (and sometimes painful) personal realizations, but Jane’s coaching continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home.” 


 “Working with Jane was an experience that I will always look upon as transformational.  She listened, and helped me identify the challenges I was having.  The most significant impact for me was that she knew how to help me address them in a systematic way, and showed me the tools to continue on the path to greater success personally and professionally.” 


 “I started working with Jane when I was experiencing a lot of challenges and a lack of clarity.  Her insights, great questions and gentle prodding helped me increase my awareness. With Jane’s help, I became aware of expanded options and made innovative choices. As a result I am able to focus clearly on what I do best.” 

Exceptional Thought Partner

 “Working with Jane, I was quickly able to get clear on what I wanted and see entirely new possibilities. She was an exceptional thought partner as I made bold decisions aligned with my vision and values.” 

Some Coaching Accomplishments



 A CEO could see the potential of a new strategic partnership; however, he was hesitant and not sure how to take proceed. He was worried about the time it might take away from his core business. He was busy working in the business and not working on the business – he lost sight of the forest. Through our coaching relationship he clarified his own vision, strengths and leadership style. This allowed him to make the decision to establish an innovative partnership which has increased strengthened his identity as an exemplary leader and is delivering the desired profitability. 

Executive Presence

 A CEO of her own consulting company was holding onto a lot of baggage.  Her lack of self-confidence was hiding behind her bravado, and she started a downward spiral when she missed her revenue target.  Through our coaching relationship she recognized her self-limiting beliefs and assumptions and was able to let go of them.  She developed an excellent vision for the growth of her company. She now has powerful executive presence and is driving her organization forward. 

Developing Others

 An Executive Director of a large non-profit who was struggling with a potential successor. The ED’s limiting mental models were contributing to sub-optimal performance and excessive stress. Through clarifying her vision and reframing, the Executive Director established a new ways to relate to her successor and lead.  She met all of her goals including securing longer term funding for the organization as well as her own improved wellness and sense of fulfillment. 

Interpersonal Challenges


The co-founder of a fast-growing  software company was experiencing major challenges with his co-founder and was ready to throw in the towel.  Through broadening perspectives and exploring new possibilities, he arranged private equity financing and took the organization forward on his own.  The organization has since grown nationally and he has been recognized for his leadership. He is thriving as his dreams are becoming reality.